ORMEDA is a Swiss start-up which aims to develop a non-invasive ventilation device.

Our future product, (ORMEDA-X) is based on the technology developed by BCD microtechnique SA during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

ORMEDAis a private limited liability company incorporated under Swiss law.


ORMEDA is  currently looking for investors and strategic/market  partner.

Latest News


We are happy to help the city hospital Borka Taleski with 20 COVIDAIR. NORTH Macedonia at the door of Europe is facing a serious shortage of noninvasive ventilator.  Link to local media


We are equipping the new pneumology center in Dhulikhel (Nepal) with 20 COVIDAIR S/T. Operation performed with the Himalayan Eye Project. www.hepnp.org


ORMEDA is looking for strategic partnership.  Contact us and request our buisiness plan.

10.9.2020  Scientific report of HESAV is out!

Resulting from our partnership with the Haute école de santé Vaud (HESAV), the scientific report on the COVIDAIR S/T is available. It shows very good performance for restrictive ventilation disorders.


Fight against the COVID-19 pandemic 


COVIDAIR S/T is a BiPAP non-invasive ventilator with vey good performance for restricitve ventilation disorder.  COVIDAR  was developped and rapidely manufactured in order to overcome the shortage of ventilator during the COVID-19.


-Two pressure levels (EPAP/IPAP) up to 45 cmH20

-Ramp control  

-Delivered volume limit/control 

-Limit by drop in flow or max. time (S/T mode)

-Minimum breathing frequency

-Inspiration trigger 

-O2 inflow at turbine inlet (100 % O2 possible)

-Oximetry and pulse sensor

-Compatible with standard masks (diam 22mm)

-7'’ touchscreen

-Wifi and network socket

-Equipotential socket

-Alarm management server

-External power supply 24V/3.75A




Next step towards advanced medicine


We are convinced that the medicine of the future is moving towards digitalization.

Our wide experience in this field has enabled us to develop our first machine the COVIDAIR S / T with connectivity, diagnostic and telemedicine functions.

We want to go further with our new ORMEDA-X development. The fusion of artificial intelligence, sensors and connectivity will be at the heart of ORMEDA-X.

We are looking for a strategic partner for marketing  ORMEDA-X 

Are your interested ?  contact-us


Press releases

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ISO 13485


Specification of ORMADA-X,  algorithm prototyping with the COVIDAIR 

Work in progress...

Work in progress...

Looking for a strategic partnership with best in class access to the CPAP market

Will start in January 2021

Looking for academic and institutional support


We are working close together with HESAV



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